What exactly is in a name? Baby-names have different categories, meanings, and origins. Many people believe that the first gift you can give your child is the gift of a name. As a matter of fact, they say a name can give a child its personality or can affect the child’s overall success in life. This is because a baby will hear its name every day of its life from childhood all the way into its adult life as a consequence people try to choose more “respectable” names.


The name “Andrey” What does the name Andrey mean? The name Andrey has different meanings in several languages, countries, and cultures and may possibly have the same or different meanings available. In Greek, it means Man or Warrior while in Russian it means Brave and Manly. The pronunciation is ahn DRAY and is a form of Andreas.

Generally the name Andrey is a boy’s name and has Greek and Russian origins. However, it is mostly used in Russian-speaking countries but also in a few other countries and languages of the world.

A survey done in the United States compiled over a duration of time from as early as 1880 shows the general rise in the use of the name Andrey as a boy’s name and a general steady trend in the use of Andrey as a girl’s name. For example from 2000 to 2010 there was a general increment of 57% in the use of the name Andrey as a boy’s name. However for the same duration of time there was a steady use of the name Andrey as a girl’s name i.e. there was no percentage increment.

Categories of Baby Names: There are various Playboy TV discount categories of baby names available. There are general categories of names according to ethnicity, country of origin, religious beliefs. More specific categories exist and include tree names, nature names, rare names, common names, popular names, mythological names, celebrity names, and love names. Before a name is placed in its particular category a lot of research goes into it for example its origin, the countries and languages where the name is used, its etymology, history and other information before deciding on the particular category it belongs to. To view the various categories one can visit the link http://www.thenamemeaning.com/baby-name-categories/; However to give a few examples:

· There is a category called “British Names” and under this category one will find several names that are mostly associated with the British for example Abigail, which is predominantly a Girl’s name, or Alfie which is also a common British name and can be used as boy’s name or a girl’s name.

· Another category is “Biblical names” and under this brattysisdiscounts.com category one will find several names that have their origin from the Bible or are found in the Bible for example the name Delilah predominantly a girl’s name. The name “Ezekiel” is a biblical name and is predominantly a boy’s name.


Articles on Baby Names: Also available are baby name articles that guide parents on how to go about choosing the ideal name for their baby. Just to highlight a few:

· There are articles that give names meaning beautiful for example the name Belle which is a French word meaning fair and lovely one. The name Helen is a Latin name that means the most beautiful woman in the world.

· Articles that guide parents on the top 50 unique boy names for a new baby for example the name Liam which according to the article ranks this name 2 out of 100, the name Jayden is also another popular name together with Wyatt, Levi and Easton.

· There are also articles that give parents various cool Christian names available. The name Johnny is a twist to the biblical name John. There is also Adam, Christian or Abiel which are all biblical names but are considered cool Christian names.

· Articles based on http://nubilefilmsdiscount.com that give a guide on the history and importance of name meanings. For example, the name Helga in the US today is related to the name in Chis Brownie’s comic strip Hagar the Horrible. However in the past for example Germany the name Helga meant sacred or holy while in Scandinavian countries the name meant prosperous or successful.